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1. Preface
2. Bibliography
3. Credits


We thank Anthony Faulkes for making his recent edition of the Snorri-Edda available for our edition in the Bibliotheca Polyglotta. Further, we wish thank the Holtsmark family for making the translations of Anne Holtsmark available. Without such generosity the Bibliotheca Polyglotta would be much more difficult to produce, in particular considering the splendid work of the two mentioned scholars.

Abbreviations for the whole library.


Snorri Sturlason: Edda. Prologue and Gylfaginning, second edition, Viking Society for Northeern Research, University College of London, 2005; Skáldskaparmál, 1998; Háttatal, second edition 2007; edited by Anthony Faulkes.

The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturlson, Translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, New York, 1916,

Snorre Sturlason: Edda. Oversatt av Anne Holtsmark. Cammermeyers Boghandel, Gustav E. Raabe, København 1950.


Input by Jens Braarvig, October 2016.

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